Our way of looking at the future

In over fifty years of history, in the Grupo Catalana Occidente we have learnt to overcome difficulties, face challenges, make the most of opportunities, make connections and take determined decisions, and this is definitely our culture: the result of our experience, but above all, the way in which we approach the future.

Many overlaying hands represent people as a value


We believe in people, we maintain positive expectations based on trust, support and development, and we cooperate by working as a team.

Communication. We generate credibility through clear, direct and transparent communication.

When it comes to participating and collaborating. We participate, share and celebrate achievements with our colleagues and with others.

We know and consider that others are unique and we put ourselves in their place.

We respect others' space and time, and we do not interfere without a prior request.

We pay attention. We stand out due to the quality and agility of our direct attention, listening and responding actively and positively.

We comply with the established commitment.

We are always accessible and available, including the offer of our support and cooperation when necessary.

Linked hands showing commitment


We demonstrate our sense of belonging and association, taking charge of and taking responsibility for what has been agreed, in line with the company's philosophy and strategy.

We are aligned. We take on our objectives and draw up action plans coherently, aligned with those of the company and the Group, adapting to the priorities and strategy set out.

We take care to learn about the company and make the company and the Group known, its culture, idiosyncrasy, vision, principles, reasons, etc., declaring our alignment with them.

We take responsibility. We deal with and take care of difficult situations, we face up to problems and claims, etc.

We cooperate in defending the interests of everyone, the company and the Group.

We care about adding value to what we do, not simply conforming to the established criteria.

Grupo Catalana Occidente Values - Austerity


We act with moderation, maximizing efficiency even when assuming calculated risks, in order to overcome difficulties and in the interest of pursuing what is important and essential.

We are efficient. We control and consider the costs in order to balance them with profit, optimising resources as much as possible under the motto no more or less than necessary.

We manage efficiently, ensuring prior planning, organising the appropriate resources and creating processes for execution, monitoring and control.

We simplify things. We avoid ostentation and waste, adjusting resources to the needs and objectives set.

We choose the simplest solutions, avoiding the unnecessary and balancing costs and profit.

We document, simplify and clarify processes, procedures and responsibilities, and thus increase their effectiveness.

Glasses symbolize long-term vision

Long-term vision

We consider the times, anticipating the impacts of our decisions and their developments.

We have far-ranging vision. 

We analyse and learn the context and activity, anticipating and foreseeing the expected changes and developments.

We make decisions taking reasonable, duly justified and controlled risks, with expectations of a positive impact in the medium and long term.

We search for and enquire about useful information, by any means, channel or source, analysing and considering it before making a decision.

We are open and flexible. We keep an open mind in the face of new scenarios and contexts, reformulating our positions and criteria in the face of evidence.

We pay attention to identifying opportunities and reacting quickly to them.

We work hard and perseveringly to overcome difficulties, showing resilience and sparing no effort, nor falling into discouragement.

Image of a magnifying glass as a symbol for self-criticism


We are aware of the aspects of our work that can be improved, through a critical analysis of our own results.

We analyse ourselves. We constantly review and monitor our activity and our results, to detect possible errors and inefficiencies and correct them in time.

We analyse our actions, decisions and reactions, in a conscious, systematic and practical way, drawing conclusions and setting ourselves objectives for change or improvement.

We are complete. We inform you with professionalism and rigour, seeking to provide an aseptic, objective and impartial view of the issues, especially in regard to our own responsibilities.

We value and appreciate criticism as an opportunity for learning and development.

We avoid excuses, justifications, projection or diversion of responsibilities, focusing on facts and problems in the most objective and applied way possible.

Illustration of a lightbulb symbolizes innovation


We are moving forward, growing, developing and imagining new ideas, solutions or projects to constantly improve.

We are improving. We question what has been established, not conforming to standard results and seeking alternatives for improvement or development.

We take part and cooperate by promoting a participatory environment, providing suggestions for improvement.

We spare no effort and try to leave our comfort zone in order to address new challenges in the interest of improvement and permanent development.

We are changing. We influence, explain, participate and generate commitment in people during the processes of change, uniting efforts and transmitting positivity and challenge to the rest of the team.

We identify opportunities, taking on the necessary changes with receptiveness, positivity and proactivity.