Grupo Catalana Occidente

One of the leaders in the Spanish insurance sector and in global credit insurance. Founded more than 150 years ago, it has experienced constant growth, thanks to its capacity to adapt to change and remain loyal to its principles, which are truly insurance orientated.

The Grupo Catalana Occidente is committed to the professional development of its employees and insurance agents, its personalised customer service and the trust its shareholders have in the organisation.

19,000 insurance brokers
1,600 branches
Presence in more than 50 countries
6,800 employees
4 millions customers

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Market cap

4,394.40 Mn €


GCO increases its attributed net result by 10.7% in 2015

The good performance of the business and the main results in the financial statements have been sustained by the Group's work to increase efficiency, to maintain scrupulousness when offering policies and to immerse itself in providing quality customer service

The operation will allow Grupo Catalana Occidente exceed 5% market share and the million policyholders in the funeral insurance

Improving user experience and customer service, strengthening the business model and increasing visibility for mediators are the objectives of the new websites of the Catalana Occidente Group's brands.
Fundación Jesús Serra joins the double- euro program to Food Banks

Fundación Jesús Serra has signed a collaboration agreement with Deusto Business Alumni, the alumni association of Deusto Business School, with the aim of sponsoring the 'Scholarship Fundación Jesús Serra' program that will allow students to benefit from a grant for their research projects.

Strategy and business model

Strategic goal

To be leaders in the risk protection sector and long-term predictions regarding the family market, as well as that of SMEs, and to be international leaders in commercial risk coverage.


Defining markets targeted by the group, appropriate product and service development, and establishing suitable distribution channels to reach the customer.



Recurrent and sustained profitability based on technical and actuarial rigour, investment diversification and processes that allow tight cost ratios and quality service.


Prioritise own resources generation and continued growth in order to support the group's expansion, ensuring compliance with commitments and ensuring appropriate shareholders returns.

Group History

From its beginnings until 1958

1864 - 1878

1864 - Sociedad Catalana de Seguros Contra Incendios a Prima Fija (the Catalana Fixed Premium Fire Insurance Company), popularly known as La Catalana is established.
1878 - IPO charges from La Catalana.


1922 - Purchase of the emblematic building in Paseo de Gracia nº 2 in Barcelona, built in 1890.
1929 - The Group invests in Crédito y Caución.
1948 - Jesús Serra and a group of industrial acquire investors Occidente Society.

The merging of “La Catalana” and “Occidente” into a single insurance group


1959 - Occidente takes control of La Catalana, and Grupo Catalana Occidente emerges.
1963 - First company in Spain to incorporate insurance management by computer.
1964 - La Catalana is awarded the Gold Medal of merit in insurance by the Ministry of Treasury.


1971 - Headquarters in Sant Cugat del Vallés, whose plant inspires Group logo, are inaugurated.
1984 - The Spanish Government grants the Gold Medal of Merit in insurance to Jesús Serra and in 1992 the Generalitat de Catalunya grants the Creu de Sant Jordi.


1987 - The Group consolidates.
1991 - José Mª. Serra, managing director since 1982, is appointed CEO of the Group.
1997 - Grupo Catalana Occidente starts trading in the continuous market.
1999 - MNA company is acquired, culminating in 2001 its integration process. The company will be renamed Seguros Catalana Occidente.

Growth and internationalization


2001 - The Group successfully completes the takeover bid made on Lepanto, SA and its subsidiary Nortehispana.
2004 - Acquisition of 99.69% of Seguros Bilbao. Acquisitions start of Atradius shares.


2004 - Cosalud is acquired, company which Seguros Catalana Occidente already owned 55% since 1991. The ownership interest in Crédito y Caución rose to 39.35%.
2005 - Jesús Serra Santamans, founder and inspirer of Grupo Catalana Occidente, dies.


2007 - The Group increases its share in Atradius to 45%, becoming the largest shareholder.
2010 - The acquisition process of Atradius culminates with a share of 83.2%
2012 - In June 2012, the Group acquires the Spanish subsidiary Groupama, which recovers the Plus Ultra Seguros brand.


2014 - The Group celebrates its 150th anniversary.  A common logo for all Group companies is created.
2015 - Grupo Catalana Occidente completes the acquisition of Plus Ultra Seguros.
2016 - Grupo Catalana Occidente closes the acquisition of Grupo Previsora Bilbaína.


Fundación Jesús Serra

Fundación Jesús Serra, named after the founder of the Grupo Catalana Occidente, was created in 2006 in order to channel the philanthropic actions of the Group and to drive the human and professional values that were characteristic of its founder. For this reason, the foundation participates in more than seventy projects in the areas of music, poetry, research, education, sports and social action. In this way the Group contributes to the construction of a fairer, more united and more developed society, in which values such as initiative, effort, healthy competition and continuous improvement prevail.