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Technology and Innovation

The Catalana Occidente Group has a long-standing commitment to technological innovation, and it was the first insurance company in Spain to use computerised databases.

Further evidence of this ongoing commitment is the Group’s investment of €13.22 million to upgrade its computer infrastructure, in addition to the €16.83 million earmarked for the development of new projects. Particularly notable among these projects is its state-of-the-art and fully updated Corporate Intranet, which allows quick and efficient internal communications between employees and agents.

The Catalana Occidente Group on the Internet

The Catalana Occidente Group has worked with IBM on an e-business project, now practically concluded, which allows the Group to offer customers a series of exclusive online services that are connected to its transactions applications. The Group has had its own website since 1995, www.seguroscatalanaoccidente.com, and it was the first insurance company in Spain to go online.

Seguros Catalana Occidente’s website is currently being designed. It not only gives customers access in an entirely secure and private setting to their life insurance policies (at a later date the policies of all other insurance products will be added) but also provides updated financial information and allows users to locate the branch or office nearest to their home and even access their agents’ websites. These are only a few of the myriad features of one of the industry’s most comprehensive web pages.

The company has fully upgraded its information systems in the production, economic, financial and investment areas, in which IBM acted as consultant. In addition, the Catalana Occidente Group has introduced a new business management system to make it more competitive on new markets.