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Entrance hallway at the offices of the corporate headquarters building of the Catalana Occidente Group.

The group / History

· The beginnings in the 19th century
· The expansion in the 20th century
· 21st century, present and future

The beginnings in the 19th century

The Catalana Occidente Group’s foundations were laid in 1864 when Fernando de Delás y de Gelpi set up Sociedad Catalana de Seguros Contra Incendios a Prima Fija (the Catalana Fixed Premium Fire Insurance Company), popularly known as La Catalana It had a total of eight employees.

The company took its first major step when it insured the Madrid Parliament building in 1873, just a few days before the First Republic was proclaimed.

In 1883, Catalana insured the Barcelona town hall buildings and in 1892, the Arsenal, now home to the Catalonian Parliament.

The company began expanding in 1876 by setting up inspection offices in Valencia, Navarre and Castile. By 1884, La Catalana’s social importance had become evident. At the Barcelona mayor’s request, the company helped set up the Barcelona Fire Department.